Metrocuadro Design is a furniture and product design company based in London (UK), founded in 2013 and directed by Fabrizio Tozzoli and Eliana Salazar, with the purpose to create extra-ordinary objects for contemporary living and lifestyles, rethinking paradigms and interactions in social activities.


We design, make and sell our range of furniture and objects for different markets and clients worldwide using our in-house workshop and leaning to some of the best craftsmen of Italy.


The design process is holistic: every project answers to a question, trying to find innovative design solutions through the combination of different materials and methods, both traditional and cutting-edge, implementing crafts with automated fabrication and blending digital with analogic.


We are committed to more responsible and sustainable design, rethinking the whole production process and reducing the ecologic load that every product carries.


The result is a minimalist and functional design, but playful and emotional at the same time, innovation-driven and lovely made.


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