MOCK-UP lamp

Can a lamp be inspire by a landscape?


The MOCK-UP lamp is inspired by maps and natural landscape, by travels and memories.  

Starting from an Andean landscape in the central region of Ecuador, characterized by narrow gorges, steep slopes and small lakes created on the craters of extinct volcanoes, the MOCK-UP lamp recreates these details through simplification of gradients in elements of the same height, like lines that describes territory on maps, creating a small domestic landscape. 

Due to the material we used, white opal methacrylate, the lamp, once lit on, is permeated by a fascinating and variable light. 

One of the particularities of this project is that laser machining combined with hollow shape of lamp, allowed us to create another object as addition to the lamp, using processing wastes, an home accent with an easier functionality but with the same aesthetic value.





Design specifications 




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