SHELL Shelves

Can a shelf doesn't statically work as a shelf?


We were wondering to shelves and we started to think how to made a shelf easy to be installed, so without big screws or supplementary elements to doesn't let it bow, how to improve use and how to integrate all of this in an attractive and outside-the-box shape.

The particular structure makes Shell statically more similar to a 3 hinges arch than a bracket: the torque moment produced by the load is unloaded below needing screws to only sustain shear force, so with minimum sizes.

Shell can be placed in any room of home, even in the balcony, because the material with wich it’s made, it’s resistant with atmospheric agents and it allows to an outdoor use.

Its light and soft design, that comes from a seashell, makes Shell become a complement with a strong visual impact.

It’s thought with 3 different lengths and if they are joined together, will create a 90 centimeters continuous structure, also the single modules can be coupled to build different shapes.

Scan of vertical elements is differential and distance between them is always different: in this way became more clear the motion sensation of shape.




Design Specifications Small

Design Specification Medium

Design Specifications Large





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