YUBBIE - Young Urban Backpack

We want to introduce Yubbie, the Young Urban Backpack.

These are the main features:

-Yubbie is designed to last.

-Yubbie is black.

-Yubbie is designed and hand-crafted in Italy.

-Yubbie is scratch-proof.

-Yubbie is awesome.

Our texturized Nappa leather has an innovative design which increases strength and durability. We have been working in close contact with our suppliers to develop leather which can resist bad weather, blows, scratches and even celebrations…..

We have also filled Yubbie with beautiful tailor-made leather details.

Our leather is beautiful, elastic and soft to touch; we want to show you this. So, almost every part of the backpack is covered with leather.

Main dimensions: height 40 cm; width 30 cm; depth 20 cm; weight 800 g; volume 20 lt;

100% fine Nappa leather and nikel coated hardware.



We carefully craft our furniture and products only on-demand.

If you are interested in buy this product, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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