YUBBIE - Young Urban Bag

How would you like a bag if you lived in a big city?


YUBBIE is a bag for people who live, work, study, travel, and love in the cities. YUBBIE is the Young Urban Bag.

To keep everything under control and safe. To store and recover the unexpected. To live up the city until night.

YUBBIE emerged from a meticulous design process in which we developed a high quality, texturized Nappa leather to make the strongest and most durable leather that is simultaneously soft and elastic, maintaining an elegant aesthetic whether full or empty. YUBBIE features several multifunctional pockets for tablets, shoes, laptops and smartphones, and a ‘snatch-proof’ design to prevent pickpocketing. Unlike any other bag, YUBBIE combines traditional aesthetics with cutting edge materials to form a handcrafted bag that meets the needs of daily city life, from the minute you leave home to the minute you come back.






We carefully craft our furniture and products only on-demand.


If you are interested in buy this product, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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