Domus magazine launched a call for entries searching for ideas, in postcard formto join African and European continent by a bridge over Strait of Gibraltar, the famous Pillars of Hercules.
The idea was of a not definitive bridge but something like an handshake between the two continentsa sort of pactFor this reason we chose a cable car to connect Ceuta to Gibraltarbecause it represents metaphorically the aim and relation between Europe and Africa: it's democratic in its intentions, but at the same time hanged by a wire.

From Jury's words:
"This is a very poetic, light and picturesque image. At first sight it seems almost feasible. But, as the texts explains, for each visitor who enters, another one must leave, for that's how it works with cable-cars. It is a painful mechanism in today's perspective. At once wishful thinking, and a mirror of our vain migration stop."

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