Lamborghini Road Monument

The project has started wondering what is the spirit of Lamborghini, what is the real essence.
Indeed, our goal is to create an architecture that can last over time.
A symbol disconnected from current production, but that can sum all the qualities of the brand and create a very strong emotional bonding.
We decided to focus on the dualism of bull’s horns, part of the Lamborghini logo, shaping them as if they were mega sculptures and giving them a hi-tech look, with a strong visual and emotional impact but the same time easily recognizable.
The two horns are placed each one into a roundabout, and oriented as if the head of the bull was the Lamborghini’s factory, so the twin architectures become modern Columns of Hercules, which are born from the earth, the origins of the brand, creating the gate to the temple where magics happens, resembling archaeologic ruins, works that have always existed and will exist forever.
The horns, carved in the steel, are inserted in the road environment in an effective way thanks to their spatial dynamicity creating always different points of view for the observer, also at night they change of aspect, and, thouht the LED spotlights inserted under the coating flakes, the become  hi-tech lanterns, visible elements form afar, like lighthouses on the coast.
About the construction design: the architectures are thought of as steel structures which are prefabricated as parts using digital fabrication technologies and then assembled on site. The study of materials have been particularly important to achieve a brilliant and multifaceted coating, but also able to blend in with the countryside near Bologna.

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