MEGA白SHIRO suspension lamp - white mood, spicy soul

Is it possible to furnish a room with just one object?


We have been invited to exhibit at XXI International Exposition hosted by Triennale Design Museum, at "SEMPERING", housed at MUDEC - Museo delle Culture in Milan, Italy.

For this significant event, we have taken to the extreme our 白Shiro Suspension Lamp, creating an object with an eloquent impact that can furnish a room without needing for other complements. The size of the starting sheet was impressive: 90x270 cm (!!!), while the final dimensions of the lamp are 80 cm height and 75 cm of diameter.

MEGA 白Shiro is part of Shiro collection: we have started from careful consideration on sheet materials searching for lighter alternatives to moulding and sintering.
The lamp is made from a single sheet of Tyvek, a waterproof, fireproof and tear-proof material, normally used to wrap houses or to dress firefighters.
The process is essential: all complements are designed through a different combination between traditional and innovative materials and folding methods, crafts and industry, manual and automatic.



We carefully craft our furniture and products only on-demand.

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